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Sunshine in the Arctic, Mood, and Essential Oils

Mar 16, 2019

Hello, it's Mary Beckett, I'm with Blue Ice Essentials, and I'm on here or another blog about healthy living.

Today, it's a beautiful sunshiny day in the Arctic, and this reminded me that when the sun shines I'm always in an awesome mood, and I think almost everybody around here is. I mean, when you go out in the spring you see people everywhere doing things outdoors and enjoying the weather, although today it's about 15 below, so it's a little bit colder weather, but we still enjoy it.

You know, when I'm in a good mood I am much, much better at following all my other healthy habits. I'm better at sticking to my diet and eating healthy foods. I am better at getting up, and getting going, and getting some exercise, whether it's out in the outdoors, or even just going to the gym, or doing indoor stuff. Like I said before, I do my yoga every morning. I'm just so much better at it when I'm in a good mood. And so, mood is really, really key for me in maintaining my healthy habits,. So, what can you do to maintain a good mood?

Well, essential oils are what I reach for, and a lot of people use to help with their mood. Whether it's a citrus oil, or one of the florals, or maybe some of the woods, they have a really tremendous impact on mood.

I wanted to talk a little bit about how that is. Well, the thing is, is that when you're using essential oils, whether you're smelling them directly from the bottle or diffusing them, or maybe you put some on your pulse points, or on your wrists so that you can smell them during the day. The essential oils themselves are a chemical compound the plant uses to protect itself, and so they're very volatile, and they'll go into the air easily. That's what volatile means, it doesn't mean that they're going to catch fire. It means that they go from being a liquid to being in the air really easily. So, when they get into the air all those little molecules go into your nose, and that's what you're smelling. The molecules are interacting with your limbic system in your brain - the part that senses all the smells is right on your brain.

And so, when we talk about how essential oils can affect your mood almost instantly, it's true because the molecules get right in there, up into your brain, and they start working on your brain chemistry, and they start making you feel good.

Like I said, when you feel good almost anything is possible.

I'm more productive at work.

I am better at sticking to all my plans.

I'm more enthusiastic.

I'm a way better person to be around, and you name it.

I would really suggest the next time that it's not sunshiny, or maybe it's sunshiny but it's minus 15, and you don't feel like going outside in the sun, one of the things you can do is reach for one of your favourite oils and give that a smell, and see if you can't brighten your mood that way.

So, that's my quick little blog for today.

It's a Saturday and I hope you're all enjoying yourselves. I hope you get out and spend some time with your families, and have a really good day.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.



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