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About Us

Mary Beckett started Blue Ice Essentials in 2018. Originally from Saskatchewan, she has been living in the Northwest Territories since 1984.

Mary has operated her own business in Inuvik since 1991 but has decided to change her focus - inspired by the incredible health benefits she has seen by introducing essential oils into her daily routine. 

A Certified Aromatherapist, Mary is an advocate for taking control of your day to day health using natural solutions. She believes there are so many toxins and carcinogens in the environment today, it's a good idea to find a way to live with less of these things in your daily life. By switching out essential oil solutions for many OTC products, Mary believes you can be more in control of what goes into your body, with the added benefit that many traditional remedies using essential oils are not only therapeutically effective, they are also highly cost-effective.

Mary is married to Dave Kaufman. They have four grown children and four wonderful grandchildren.


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