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Sometimes I need more than essential oils...

When I am creating DIY's and recipes, I always reach for my essential oils...

But there are some other essentials that I need to create the magic!

People have been asking me for where I get my stuff, so I'm leaving some links here to other locations that I shop so you can have what I do when you get creative at home.

Please be aware, some of these are affiliate links and I may get a small remuneration if you use my link. Thank you in advance if you do!

** Looking for the recipes to go with these great ingredients?? Check out my Members Site!


 Aromatherapy Inhaler - glass & metal

Sweet Almond Oil Witch Hazel  Shea Butter

Vegetable Glycerin Citric Acid

Aloe Vera Gel  Course Pink Sea Salt

Organic Coconut Oil (solid)   Green Chillies



Candle Wicks 

Soy wax -2lb/908g -100% Natural – by Amson Naturals – All-purpose wax comes in beads, Plant based, Biodegradable, suitable for making all types of candles and wax melts.Amson Organic Soy Wax Pellets

Amson Beeswas


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