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I recommend doTERRA essential oils.

Their purity and potency is reliable, and I like their co-impact sourcing which ensures producers are paid fairly for their efforts.  Plus, they have great oil-infused natural living products for your whole family.

I feature the monthly specials here every month, so come back often to see what the deal are. If you're not sure what to order, just reach out to me and I can help you navigate the choices.

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We are proud to offer great options for online learning about essential oils. You can read our ebook, join our Members' Library & Lounge to get great essential oil information and resources that are continually updated, or take one of our Essential courses to get in-depth knowledge on a topic.


Online Classes Available 

While we are all staying home - I am still at work! My office is in my house, and I am available to teach online essential oil classes. 

Just pick a time, invite some friends and you and your friends can learn about essential oils and even earn some FREE stuff.

Use the button below to book a time to talk with me so we can get it all organized.

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Book an appointment with me, and ask away!

I am available to answer questions about essential oils, set up your wholesale account, or anything else that comes to mind. 

Or, ask for a Wellness Consultation and we can review your priorites to create a Personal Wellness Plan.

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How do you know what to buy?


Essential oils are a safe, convenient and cost effective way to help support your family's health. 

We make it easy for you to find the solutions you are looking for to create a natural, non-toxic household. 

Join our Blue Ice Essentials Members' Library to find essential oil resources, videos, recipes, DIYs - everything you need to feel confident exploring how to make essential oils a part of your natural healthy lifestyle.  

PLUS - With your membership, you also get the Members' Lounge where you get information about promotions, sales and can post questions or participate in our Live Trainings with Q&A.


Welcome to my website! Take a look around and feel free to ask a lot of questions! 

Essential oils are my passion! I love to share what I have learned about essential oils and wellness. Take a look at a few of my blog posts, start following me on Facebook and Instagram to get to know me, or book an appointment and we can chat face to face over a Zoom call. 

When you want purchase essential oils - I sell doTERRA essential oils and recommend getting a wholesale membership so you can save more 25% on every purchase, get free shipping and start collecting product points for FREE stuff.... I can explain how I got over $800 worth of free stuff last year! 

Not sure what to buy - I can help you figure that out with FREE samples and lots of advice about which oils and non-toxic products are best suited for your particular situation. 

Take those oils off your shelf!! I have some great ideas for you to help create your Natural Life. My Membership Portal - called the Members Library & Lounge is a fantastic place to start! My membership is organized to get you started using those oils RIGHT NOW!!

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"Mary is well informed about the uses of essential oils and other natural products. She is well read and applies her knowledge to every aspect of her life. You are well taken care of on her team. "

Holly Rogoschewsky
Coach, Edmonton, Canada

"Get great ideas and tips on how to become less reliant on medical intervention to deal with day-to-day issues. Mary is knowledgeable and easy to talk to."

Arvind Achal
Europe's Leading Law of Attraction Expert, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO -, Switzerland

"I met Mary at an entrepreneurial training conference in San Francisco last year. She immediately stood out as a determined and focused individual with a mission to help others create a natural, healthy lifestyle through the effective use of essential oils. Mary has a very welcoming and gentle persona which is well suited to coaching and educating others. Follow Mary and you will discover many of the wonderful uses of doTERRA products and feel better naturally doing so."

John Folkes
Entrepreneur, Calgary, Canada

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