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My Favourite Essential Oil Blend - On Guard

Mar 26, 2019

Here's the transcript from my video blog - enjoy!

Hey, everybody! It's Mary from Blue Ice Essentials. And I'm here in my kitchen this afternoon to talk to you about my favourite blend, which is a set of essential oils that have been put together in a single bottle together.

And so my favourite blend is this one. It's called On Guard. And the reason I like it is because this is the blend that I credit my three year run without colds with the having.

So the thing about On Guard is it is a blend that helps to not only support your immune system, but it also, in your cleaning supplies and products, works to kill germs and get rid of the yucky stuff that you don't want in your system making you sick.

And so I have been using it pretty much continuously, day after day, for a variety of things. And by doing that, I have prevented myself from getting sick with anything that's going around. And since I have grandchildren that I go and visit who go to daycare and bring home all kinds of lovely stuff that they get sick with ... But I don't get sick. So there you go. And if I could just convince my grandchildren to use On Guard as religiously as I do, I'm sure that they wouldn't get sick either.

So one of the things that I use every day is the On Guard liquid soap. So it's a foaming soap, and my grandkids actually do like this. They love the smell. On Guard is a mixture of orange, and eucalyptus, and cinnamon, and rosemary, and ... I'm missing at least one. But anyway, it's a really nice smell. I always think of it as sort of that harvest spice smell. And so it's a lovely smell on your hands when you're using the hand cleaner.

You can also get the doTERRA On Guard toothpaste and On Guard mouthwash. And I love these. My teeth are so nice and clean. Did you know that wild orange, which is one of the ingredients in On Guard, is a natural whitening agent? And in fact, I've seen people suggest that if you want to get ... You know when you drink coffee and your teeth get kind of discoloured just from the coffee itself? You can take wild orange just by itself, although you could use On Guard, I suppose, because it's got wild orange in it, and put it on a Q-tip and use it to clean your teeth. And it will help remove the stains.

So anyway, this is a natural whitening toothpaste. And it's neat. My husband pointed this out, I didn't even really notice it myself, but it's one of the very few toothpastes on the market that doesn't have that warning that says you can't swallow any. So you know how you always have to buy a special toothpaste for kids because you can't swallow most of the other kinds? This stuff's okay if you swallow it. I'm not saying you should swallow it, but it is not going to harm you if you do.

And so that's one of my favourite things to use. Every morning I use it. It leaves my teeth feeling so clean. Even hours later, they still feel shiny and clean even if I haven't had a chance to come home and brush again.

And then, of course, there's my On Guard laundry detergent. And I started using this because it occurred to me I could have that feeling of everything being really, really clean and sanitary on my sheets and towels too. And it does a really good job. It's a super concentrated cleaner, so it takes about half a cupful. So I bought this a while back, and I'm still ... It looks like a small bottle, but it goes a long way. I think they say it does 96 loads, or something like that. But anyway, it is ... I'm trying to read it. Sorry, 64 loads. So up to 64 loads in one thing. So for my husband and I, because there's just the two of us now, that's several months, two or three at least, before we have to buy a new one.

And then ... Oh, yeah. Then I have my On Guard cleaner concentrate. You'll notice this one's almost empty. I use this for the base for some of my cleaning sprays, and I also use it when I'm doing dishes, or going to wash the floor, or anything like that. And I like it because it's got the On Guard essential oil in it. And I just know things are going to be sanitary and clean when you use those oils in your cleaning.

I also have the On Guard beadlets and the On Guard lozenges, which I forgot to grab. I don't have them handy here. But I use those when I'm traveling. I think I actually have some of the lozenges in my purse. So I'll just reach in and grab one. The thing about the lozenges is ... A friend of mine, when she was signing up for doTERRA, and she said, "You know, I realized the other day when I was going through my cabinet that the reason that I wanted to sign up for doTERRA is they're the ones who have the world's greatest cough drops." These are the On Guard cough drops. And you suck on one of these and your throat starts to feel better instead of worse. And it actually does stop your cough.

And the other thing I noticed when I reached in my purse is I have the On Guard sanitizing mist, which I travel with in my purse, you'll notice, because when you're traveling in an airplane or whatever and you sit down and you're sort of going, "I wonder how well they wiped this up since the last crowd was here?" ... Because you see the one group coming off and the next group get on almost right away. So you know they can't be spending a lot of the time cleaning the plane. And so I spray it on the seat if I feel like it's flu season and I don't want to get something, or at least for sure on the tray before I put food on it to eat. And I just feel better. I'm not a germaphobe or anything. But really, now that I've been going this extremely long time without getting sick, now I'm starting to feel a little bit superstitious. So I'm even more careful than I was before. But that's okay because I don't get sick. So there's that.

Anyway, the other little neat thing about On Guard is this is really, really good just as a water enhancer itself. So I talked before about putting essential oils in my water. During cold and flu season, this is my water enhancer because I know that if my throat starts to get ... You know you get that little feeling right in the back of your throat, and you're pretty sure that means that you're getting something? When you feel that, put this in your water. I never get beyond that feeling that I might be getting something because, when I put that in my water, that's the end of that feeling.

And so the other one that I missed that I don't have is the beadlets. The beadlets are a third of a drop of On Guard just in a little encapsulated bead. And so you can have those in your purse, it's the size of a lipstick or something, and you can just take one of those, or two of those, or whatever if you get a bit of a sore throat and you're traveling.

So I really recommend On Guard. It is probably my favourite blend, although there are quite a few that I really like a lot for various other things. But I think this is the one that I use almost more than anything else. I go through multiple bottles of On Guard every month because I put it in my diffuser at night so that my immune system is being supported every single night while I'm sleeping. And then, like I said, I use it during the day for cleaning and for my water. And for making oatmeal cookies, it is the best oatmeal cookie spice you've ever had. And when you are making a smoothie or something else, you can put this in it as well. And every time you use it, you're supporting your immune system. So there you go.

That's my favourite blend, and I hope you enjoyed it. And we'll talk to you again tomorrow. Have a good day.

And don't forget, when you're visiting my website,, we are getting ready to have our webinar on the weekend. It'll be free, and live, and you can ask questions as you go, and you can learn about using essential oils, and how to make them part of your daily life.

Have a good day. Bye-bye.


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