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It's Saint Patrick's Day and the world is turning Green!

Mar 17, 2019

Good morning. This is Saint Patrick's day, so happy Saint Patrick's day to all my friends who have Irish backgrounds, or those who just like to enjoy the Irishness of the world.

As this time of year hits and spring starts to hit everywhere, even the Arctic is starting to warm up a little bit, it's only minus three right now, which is kind of awesome, because that means that the snow is starting to go and so on. But with the snow starting to go here, we start getting snow mold. And with everything turning green everywhere else, we start getting the pollen and stuff appearing in the winds, and my nose starts to twitch, and my eyes start to water, and I start to get all those symptoms that a lot of my friends seem to think is the spring cold that's going on.

I often laugh, because all my friends always tell me they have this spring cold at exactly the same moment that I am taking action against my allergies. I wonder, how many people actually have a spring cold? Or are they really just allergic to a lot of environmental stuff like I am and don't recognize that many times allergy symptoms and cold symptoms are really, really similar?

I thought I would share some of the things that I do in order to deal with my cold symptoms that are actually seasonal allergies.

When I start to feel my eyes are crying for no reason. I'm not sad, but I have a tear running down the side of my face, or I sneeze four times in a row for no reason at all,  or like yesterday morning, I wake up and my sinuses are a bit clogged, and my nose is all stuffed up. I know I'm not getting a cold, because I don't get colds anymore. I do know that that means it's allergy season again, even if it's still snowy outside.

I get out my allergy bomb. Allergy bomb is just a way that a lot of essential oil people have of talking about super simple, super easy fix for allergy symptoms. It's a combination of three of the most common essential oils - lemon, lavender, and peppermint.

Now, I do want to caution you that you want to make sure that the oils you're using for this are actually pure essential oils, and that you can verify that there's nothing else in them, because what I do is I take them internally, and I would never advise anybody to take an oil internally if they were the least bit suspicious that what they have may not be entirely 100% pure and unadulterated.

Check to make sure that the oil provider that you are dealing with provides GCMS reports for every batch that they sell. And make sure that the GCMS shows that it is 100% lemon, lavender, and peppermint, and nothing else. Or, reach out to me and I'll hook you up with some doTERRA, because they do test, and you won't have to worry about it.

I take two drops each of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. And there's a couple of different ways I do this. If I am already stuffy and my allergies are going a little bit nuts, the way to get instant, noticeable relief is to take a little shot glass, (I think you've seen my shot glass in some of my Instagram photos, or in some of my Facebook posts), and I fill it with water, and then I put two drops of each of the oils in it. Then I shoot it. Okay, I'm just going to warn you, the first time you do it, that's an ugly taste, because it's really, really strong and it hits the back of your sinuses. And whoosh, you feel this clearing.

On the other hand, it hits the back of your sinuses, and whoosh, you feel this clearing. So, you know, it's not that ugly of a taste.

Another way to go about it, and the way I generally do it once I've got my symptoms pretty much in the background and I'm not suffering at all, I will just ... I add it to the gel cap I make up every morning with my supplements. Then I don't taste it at all. So, that's a super easy way.

Or, if you're really not interested in playing with drops of oil, you can just buy a gel cap from doTERRA called Tri-Ease, and it has lemon, lavender, and peppermint in it. You can just take one or two per day - it's as easy as that.

Another thing that you can do that is really, really helpful is you can use Easy Air (Canada), or Breathe, in your diffuser. It's really good at opening up those airwaves and making your breathing really good.

If you are having a day where you've already been reacting to stuff, and you're already stuffed up, you can put that in your diffuser and run it, and it will help to unclog everything, and make you so you can breathe really easy.

Then what I always do if I've got any kind of allergy reactions going on, is I always add On Guard to that Breathe mixture. I discovered years and years ago, as soon as you have all that nice mucus in your system that is clogging up your sinuses and making you cough and sneeze and what not, that becomes a host for 100 different bugs that are going around with all the kids that you know that go to school and pass germs between them, or from your friend that is being a man and coming to work with the flu, or whatever. You want to make sure that your immune system is really strong.

If you are an allergy sufferer, which I think there's a lot more of us out there than many realize, you need lemon, lavender and peppermint. You can also mix it in a diffuser. It works totally fine if you're able to sit in the same room as your diffuser, you don't have to take it internally at all. You can just run the diffuser and breathe it in, and you may find the effect takes a little longer to hit you, but it is just as effective.

 The other blend to use is Breathe, which is totally awesome, and already blended with cardamom, and peppermint, and a whole bunch of really good stuff in it. 

You can also get a Breathe stick that you can use if you're going out and about and you want to be your own diffuser. I just put it on my chest. Nobody else knows you're using it, but you can breathe a lot easier.

There's also Breathe lozenges which are really, really tasty, and they deliver the same essential oils to you in a little lozenge that lasts ... they last a really long time. They don't have too much sugar in them, I think they're about 10 calories each or something. They're not horrifyingly bad. But they are really effective at unclogging you when you can't stop and do your allergy shot, or you don't have a gel cap with you, or whatever.

I hope you are enjoying your Saint Patrick's day.

I posted a green smoothie today on Instagram and Facebook, so if you want to be green and healthy, instead of drinking green beer, you can have a green smoothie.

Enjoy, and have a really good day. And spend some really nice time with your family. Have a nice afternoon!


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