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Creating Your Own Personal Scents

May 01, 2020

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Personal Fragrances

Thu, 4/30 11:00AM • 

Hi. So this is Mary Beckett, and I'm with Blue Ice Essentials. And I'm on this morning because one of the people who subscribes to my newsletter sent me an email and asked if I would do a piece on creating your own personal fragrances.

So I wanted to talk a little bit about essential oils that you might use for fragrance. And then I'll talk a bit about different ways that you have that you can build a fragrance.

So first of all, there's lots of different ways that you can use nice essential oils to make a beautiful fragrance. One of the easiest ways is simply to reach for one of the essential oils.

This is one that I have ... this background is playing heck with us. Anyway, this is one that I really like is called Magnolia and it comes from China and it's a super kind of sweet flowery smell and it's used in a lot of skin preparations and in our children's line is a very mild and soothing thing. So it's, it's quite often used for things that are meant to provide you with benefits as well as just for the scent.

So then the one that I use an awful lot, of course is Jasmine. And Jasmine is a super nice fragrance. If you are from the south somewhere you probably even have walked past a hedge with jasmine and you smell it and it's just lovely. So I've quite often just put Jasmine on. It's in a roller so you can just wear it.

Another one that I wear quite frequently is Manuka and this was a limited time offer a couple years ago they did it as the product of the month and if you bought a certain amount of product on your on your wholesale account, and you would automatically get it, I think was also available for retail, too. And so I didn't actually have to pay for that one. That was one of my freebies. So there's that.

And then of course, whoops, there's Rose and Rose has been used for perfumes in essential oils for years and years and years and years. And so it's a really good one to use if you are interested in having sort of a light floral scent that's not too heavy, because Rose is one of those ones that's quite light. And I'll talk about that in a minute.

And then of course, there's also some blends that doTERRA has put together that are available at various times on limited time orders. There's Aspire, there's doTERRA One. Those are limited time order ones.

And then there's the standard one ones that are always available in your catalog. This one's called Passion. I really like Passion. It's not really about, you know, Valentine's Day and that sort of thing. It's also about getting stuff done and whatnot. It's got florals in it, but it also has some spicy things in it. And I find it a really nice scent and I really enjoy it.

Oh, I forgot one of the florals. This one oops, this one's called Neroli. Now Neroli is orange blossom. So it was available as one of the BOGOs last last week when they were doing BOGO so some of you might have ordered that one. And it is absolutely gorgeous. I've always loved it.

Another one of the blends that I really like. It's called Console. And it's kind of a deeper, lower tone scent...  I always think scents are like music, you've got some that are very sweet and light and airy and I call them upper tones or high tones. And then there's the bass notes. Like Manuka is more of a bass note and Console goes more towards the bass notes then to the to the top.

And then of course, there's just plain simple... our back background is playing heck with us, isn't it? Okay, so Lavender is one that anybody who's ever thought of essential oils probably knows the smell of but it is available in a touch roller so you could use that as a scent very easily.

And then this one is called Forgive and it's just another one of the blends doTERRA makes. It's a lighter scent, and it has some really nice sort of top notes in it, but it's not entirely top notes. So and I'll talk about that.

And of course, one that I really like to wear is Frankincense and you don't think of this as a perfume necessarily. But you know, back in, in history, this was one that was quite often either part of or used for scent by rich women because first of all, it was very valuable. And secondly, it does smell very calming and soothing.

And that's the nice thing about making personal fragrance out of any of the florals is all of the floral oils, whichever ones you choose. They're all very calming and soothing. And so they're really good for making personal scents.

There's also... I don't know whether I have it down here or not. Maybe I don't have it because I was using it for a headache the other day. Ylang Ylang and Spikenard are two other florals that are really nice.

I also have Blue Tansy, which probably won't show up because it's blue on it. So Blue Tansy it comes in a small bottle because It's very, very potent. It's also very blue. It is one of those ones that has chamazulene in it which dyes your skin dark blue if you put it on, but I'm just going to show you that it does disappear into your skin pretty quick. So we'll take a look at my at the back of my hand in 10 minutes or so and I'll show you that that's gone completely normal again. Meanwhile, it smells really pretty. It may be bright blue, but it does smell really pretty. But because it's got chamazulene in it if you were going to add this... see it's disappearing already. It's not quite gone, but it's getting there. If you were going to add that to a perfume, you'd want to make sure that you only add a tiny little bit in the overall scent because you don't want to dye yourself blue every time you put on perfume.

Okay, so going back to florals we've got Patchouli, I think anybody that ever has heard about hippies and so on from the 70s knows that Patchouli was really popular. It's another sort of floral scent. Although it's got kind of a funky thing going with it, so it's got some lower notes right in the scent. Although, no, see, I can smell the Tansy now, because it's still on my hand. Yeah, Patchouli's not as I don't know, like, if you've ever smelled that patchouli incense, it's not like that it's much lighter than that. I really like it. And it is really, really soothing and calming for your skin too. So that's another bonus point if you're using these things.

Roman Chamomile  that's related to the Blue Tansy because they're both chamomiles, but this one has no blue in it, so that's good.

Another one that some some of you might have in your collection is Helichrysum. It's kind of the flower itself is kind of I know it's like a carnation or a Zinnia or something. It's one of those big pom pom kind of flowers. And again, it's got kind of a kind of a sweet scent to it. It's it's quite nice. I don't know whether I would use it in a perfume because it's sort of one of those ones that's a little bit more expensive and it's got a lot of good benefits - they call this one a liquid bandaid because it's really good for healing wounds and scars and stuff like that. So I think I would save that one for those kinds of preparations.

This is one that came from... I love this one.... This one came from another limited time offer last summer  or two summers ago maybe it's called Litsea and it's from Australia, New Zealand and it is actually an evergreen. So we're moving away from the florals. This one they make it from the from the branches and and leaves of this evergreen plant But it has sort of a citrusy smell to it a little bit as well as the piney smell. It's super nice whenever I run that in my diffuser and there's somebody else around they want to know what it is because it's not a familiar scent. Exactly. But it is really pretty.

And then you know, oh and here's one more blend that you can look at. This one's called Whisper... you can't really see it because of background. Okay, so there's Whisper and Whisper is one that doTERRA designed to be a feminine scent. And the idea when they were designing it was to make it for people to use as the personal scent. And it is really, really pretty. I do like it. But it has a little different scent with everybody that puts it on. So it's kind of it's kind of neat because it it personalizes itself, and it's already mixed in this bottle in fractionated coconut oil, so you can apply this one directly to your skin as it is it's already diluted. So there's that.

Okay, so then other things that you might use to blend a scent,  remember I was telling you about the top notes. So all those florals are mostly top notes.

You also want to have something that's a little bit heavier note to sort of anchor yourself. So you might consider putting in something like Cedarwood is one that that I kind of like the smell of and could often use in blends. It's, it's just a little woodsy. It's not it's not a very strong scent, but it does kind of anchor your scents.

Another one that I like, and this one comes from Canada for anybody that's Canadian. This is Arborvitae, and it's from the heart of a cedar tree. And you know, this does not smell like wood, even though it is a wood. It's got a wood-ish scent, but it's also kind of sweet. So I really, really like this one. If I'm building a fragrance, this is a really good one to use as a bass note. So you know, that's it. That's something to keep in mind.

And, of course then you've got ones like Sandalwood. This is the Hawaiian Sandalwood that I've got. And I don't know not everybody likes them or what, but it is a really nice fragrance and it is very, very popular in perfumes that you might have smelled and even in men's aftershave and stuff like that, because again, it's sort of one of those bass notes. So if you've got a musk or something like that, you might find sandalwood is in it.

And then one that's a little maybe unusual, wouldn't necessarily be one that you know about. It's called Vetiver. And it's actually from the roots of a plant that grows near a river in India. And Vetiver is known for its relaxing and calming property. So a lot of people use it as an aide when they're trying to relax to go to bed at night for sleeping and stuff. But it is also super awesome for cooling you. So, you know, I'm at that age where sometimes the world is very hot, and I have found that Vetiver is really, really good for that. And in fact, if you put just like one drop of Vetiver into your teapot full of tea, it makes a very cooling effect as you drink your tea. So, I have done that. And it was helpful in the moment.

Okay, one that came out new this year is Lemon Eucalyptus. So Lemon Eucalyptus. It's sort of halfway between the Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. It feels like a little of each. Maybe not either one. You know, it's kind of interesting smell. It does have sort of a citrusy note but it's also got sort of that grassy scent that Lemongrass has and of course Lemongrass is one that you could consider.

Cypress. Some of these I don't open as often, and so they don't. Okay, so, Cyprus. is a fir but this is not a real like Douglas Fir-y kind of fir smell. And I think it would be really nice as the base for perfume because it's got it's got that low note, but you know not so much.

So when you're blending a perfume, how do you decide what you want to put in your perfume? Well, I was taught a method for picking the blend that I really like. So let's say we decided we're going to use the Cypress as our low note. So typically as the low note, you're only going to put a few drops of the low note in your total mix. So it's going to be one that that I'm going to use.

And then  I like the Lemon Eucalyptus But again, it's really quite strong scent and I don't want that to be the overall scent of the perfumes. So again, I'm going to move that one is a few drops not not the main thing, And then what else am I going to use?

Oh, I love Roman Chamomile because it's, it's got a really, really pretty sweet floral scent. So that's going to be my top note.

And let's see what else have we got maybe Geranium or Palmarosa is another one that came out recently.

So, Hinoki was one that came out as a product of the month, last January, February. And oh, it's subtle. You wouldn't, you wouldn't want put that with anything that was really strong flavoured because you might not be able to smell it. ...Getting all my lids mixed up, but I think that's right. Okay, so there's the Hinoki, I'm sorry, I have 1000 different oils out.

Okay, so here's Palmarosa. Sorry, sometimes I just need to put them on my skin to feel them. So I just rubbed it. Oh yeah, that's really pretty that's, that's a very light floral scent. So it's kind of a rosy scent. But you know, very light.

Oh, and I was showing you this so it's not quite totally gone, but it has absorbed a lot. My skin is very dry, so maybe it's getting caught on the dry skin.

But anyway, um, so and then of course, there's ones like Clementine or you know, Tangerine or any of the citrusy ones. So, oh yeah, that's really pretty. So you know how Wild Orange smells. This is just like a really light version of the Wild Orange.

So we've got Clementine, we've got Roman Chamomile. Those are going to be top notes. And I was going to add maybe some ...sorry... I've got Frankincense in the bottle like this. So there is my Frankincense.

Okay, so I want to create a perfume. So I got all these bottles, like, you know, how do I do this in a fist like this. So what you can do is take the group of bottles and try and imagine how that scent works together and actually that's really pretty together.

And so that's my, that's my perfume, and nobody else has ever made that particular type of perfume because I just made that up on the spur of the moment. Well, I mean, who knows? Maybe it's exactly like three other perfumes you can buy in the store, but I wouldn't bet money.

So now how am I going to make something like this like carrying around with the lids open into something that I can actually wear on my skin.

So there's a couple of different ways that you can go at it. If you want to be able to spray it, then you can buy a bottle for it. Okay, so my background is blue that underneath the thing so the blue bottle doesn't show, so you can buy a spray bottle that you use to create a spritzer spray. And this one's a little big. I had some smaller ones that I got from doTERRA. But of course I keep giving them away with sprays on them. So I don't have one right at this moment. But the ones from doTERRA are really nice because they're just not that big. This one's probably twice as big for you can't really tell it's probably twice as big. The other ones that doTERRA sells are actually more like the size of a like a roller bottle.

And then of course you can use actual roller bottles. I have this one that is sort of a unicorn colour. It's got, you know, all kinds, it's blue and purple and gold. Or you can buy the roller bottles  right from doTERRA's website.

What I'm going to do today is mix in a small roller bottle. So the reason you would mix in a little roller bottle is not because you're being cheap, it's because it's perfume, you're not going to use a ton of it at once, and you might want to change from time to time so I like using the smaller bottles because they're just easy to fill.

So then, what you're going to do is you're going to want to add some .... now do I have my funnel here? Of course not, just hang on. I'm just going to grab my funnel. No, I apparently didn't grab the funnel to bring it downstairs. Sorry I'm working in my office instead of in my kitchen so the funnel will be in my kitchen. Anyway. So what I'm going to do if I'm mixing a perfume and I would normally do this right on the video for you, but I don't have the funnel is I would add 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 drops of whichever ones I wanted until I had probably in a bottle this size which is the really little ones, I probably don't want to have more than 10 or 15 drops of scent in here.

And then I'm going to top it off with the doTERRA fractionated coconut oil. Now, the reason that I'm topping it off with coconut oil is essential oils are very volatile they go up into the air from the heat of your skin really quickly and I want my personal scent to hang around there, my blue is going away. I want my personal scent to hang around for, you know, a good part of the day. I don't mind carrying this around to reapply every now and then but I don't want to be doing it every 20 minutes. So using a carrier oil, like the fractionated coconut oil or you could even use something like this. This is Amson's sweet almond oil that's got its own little bit of scent to it, but it's not bad.

Or you can even add something like aloe vera gel if you're wanting to, you know, especially if you're making a spray - aloe vera makes spray really nice because it helps nebulize the oil. So you know when you're mixing oil and water they don't really mix so when you're putting essential oils into a spray, it's nice to add something that the oils will cling to that will be through the spray. So the other thing for sprays that I would use is witch hazel. So again, this is from Amson Naturals and I will put links to this on my website, I'm gonna put this into a blog for you. So if you want to, you can go over to www dot Blue Ice Essentials dot com probably tomorrow because it takes a little while for me to fill the video up. And you'll be able to find the links for what I use.

Anyway, so if I'm going to do a roller bottle like this, I would put 10 or 15 drops maximum in a little bottle and then top it with essential oil or coconut oil or sweet almond or whatever. And then put the lid on. If you're using this size of a bottle, whoops, the size of the bottle, you might go with as many as 20 or 30 drops because this is actually twice as big as the little one. So you know, you can even go a little bit more a little bit less. It depends on what kind of ratio you're doing for the drops.

But what I would advise is go at it slow. So you want to sneak up on the perfect mix. Rather than put everything you think you need right in off the top. Because you don't want to, you don't want to fill up the bottle with the mix in the wrong in the wrong bit. So, you know, start with a couple of drops of each thing and then smell the the result you might have to go away for half an hour and then come back and smell it because your nasals, your nose gets overwhelmed with scent very quickly. I don't know if you ever tried perfume in the department store and try two or three and then after a while it's it's not you know you need coffee or something to break up that scent. So you know, go away, come back, take a smell, see if it's where you want it to be. And then keep going until you have the right mix and then top off with your carrier oil or If you're doing it in a spray bottle, top it off with your witch hazel. Or you can also use vodka is another one or the rubbing alcohol. They don't really have scents of their own, but they kind of disappear. And again, the oils, not with water, but with something else, because oil and water doesn't really mix, right?

So that's what you're going to do. So now I'm just going to check if I can. Sorry, I'm just going to check the Facebook feed and see if I can see if anybody has any questions because the way I'm doing this using Zoom, I have not I have not got sorry. I can't see the the Facebook feed really easily. So I'm just going to go and check and see if anybody has posted any questions. Okay, so I don't see any questions being posted. So I think what I'll do is I will leave it there for you. If you have any questions, post them beneath the video. And I will be sure to check back with you later and see what you know what's going on and whether you enjoyed the, the How-To or not the person that made the suggestion for this. I'm going to mix them personal fragrance. And I'll either use these particular ones or we were going back and forth yesterday on email and so she may have some specifics that she's kind of interested in.

You know, this particular one, the only floral in the group is  Roman Chamomile, and everything else is sort of something else. Just keep in mind that when you're creating a perfume when you're looking at something like I don't know I have McQueen upstairs and Alfred Sung perfume that I really like. A lot of those have spices in them as well as as well as florals and wood notes and stuff like that. So, you know, go wild, you know, see if cinnamon is part of your jam because, you know, maybe that's that weird scent that nobody's going to nobody's going to really know what it is once it's mixed with everything else but makes your particular perfume really perfect for you.

Just try a bunch of different stuff. And I would really recommend make more than one mixture and try them out. Just you know little small mixtures  until you figure out what you really like.

I have a book that I write them all down in. And so write down what you do. And then if you decide that you're going to do it a little different the next time, you'll have an idea of what you want to change, where you started from, and so on. If you don't write down what you do, you think you're going to remember it. But give yourself four weeks of all the rest of your life in between, you won't even know for sure which scents you put in, I swear to God, and you particularly won't necessarily know how many drops of each. And so if you're wanting to adjust it later, it's really helpful to have all that information.

So anyway, I hope you have enjoyed our personal scent thing. Just to let you know, again, what my personal scents are. I use pretty much most days a combination of Jasmine, I guess if I turned in both, so they go, let's see, turn them both. So there's Manuka. And there's Jasmine. So those are the two that I use and I use them together. So what I do for myself is I put them... if you put them where your pulse points are, heat from your skin kind of... well that smell so good.... heat from your skin kind of makes them waft a little plus, if you're looking for the soothing calming benefits, which you know, these two are both full of soothing and calming things. Then when you put them on your pulse points not only does the heat of your skin from the blood going underneath, it helps it circulate in the air around you. It also helps get a little bit of that essential oil into your body and allows your  body to experience the calming and soothing from from inside as well.

Essential oils are really cool that way in that you, as soon as you smell them, what what's happening when you're smelling them as little molecules of essential oil are hitting the part of the olfactory bulb, which is actually right on your brain. And so you're getting actual little tiny pieces of the thing that's causing the scent right on your brain. And so it gets right into your into your system and starts working on you right away. But then it also can get into your blood system. And so within about 10 minutes, when you apply essential oils to your body, you can start to detect them in your blood. So that's kind of kind of cool. And if you're the kind of person who could really use calming soothing things, you know, pretty much everybody is then you know, florals, Manuka, things like that are really, really good for wearing as perfume because it gives you that sort of dual thing.

The other thing is, is that I use the doTERRA personal products as well. So both the shampoo and conditioner, the Root to Tip Serum for my hair because my hair is really dry. And when I put just a couple of drops of that Root to Tip Serum, it makes my hair comb-able instantly without any further addition of anything. So I really love that. I also use the facial stuff. So it I use the Essential stuff because it's a little richer, my skin's a little drier, I'm a little older. So they also have Verage which is aimed at a younger age group. So that one's really good. But  they're all full of essential oils. So I walk up beside somebody. I can't tell you how many times in the last year I've had people say, Oh, you smell so good. And a lot of the time it isn't even that I'm wearing Jasmine or whatever. It's just from the personal products that I wear.

So to a certain extent, when you use essential oil products, you are perfumed already all the time, because that is what is in the Essential face products to, you know a lot of really beautiful florals are in there to help make your skin really nice and smooth and to calm your complexion and so on.

Sorry, I'm looking out the window and seeing things going by. Anyway. I hope you have a really good day. I hope the background wasn't too distracting. It's my first time trying to use one of these and i think i think it worked okay, but you never know. Anyway, I hope you have a really nice morning. It's a gorgeous day here, although it's still cold. You know, I live in the Arctic. So it was minus 20 yesterday and then warmed up to about  -13... -12 Celsius. Who knows what it's going to be tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you guys are having spring and lots of sun like we are, and that you at least get a chance to go outside a little bit. Even if you are sheltering at home. I've been looking at Facebook feeds of friends of mine that live down in the States, and they're all spending time in the pool with the kids. And yeah, I don't live there. So I can't do that. But anyway, I hope you have a chance to do something fun with your family this week.

And if you have any questions, or if there's something that you would like me to do one of these lives about, all you have to do is shoot me a line, either reply to one of my newsletters, or send me a message on Facebook or messenger. And Instagram is another place you can catch me and I will be sure to respond to you as quickly as I can and help you with any of your questions. And then if it's something that you want to see a live on, I can do that for you as well. So I hope you have a really good day. And I hope that everybody keeps safe and well. Have a great day.


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